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record detail: Buck Owens

Record Title: Buck Owens
Release Date: 1961-01-30
Catalog Number: DT1489
Producer: Ken Nelson
Studio/Live: Studio
Mono/Stereo: * indicates Mono

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track listing

  1. Above And Beyond
  2. Second Fiddle
  3. Tired Of Livin'
  4. I Gotta Right To Know
  5. Excuse Me (I Think I've Got A Heartache)
  6. I'll Give My Heart To You
  7. Under Your Spell Again
  8. My Everlasting Love
  9. Take Me Back Again
  10. Til These Dreams Come True
  11. Walk The Floors
  12. I'll Take A Chance On Loving You



Buck Owens (vocals, guitar)
Rollie Weber (guitar, vocals)
Ralph Mooney (pedal steel guitar)
Jelly Sanders, Don Rich (fiddle)
George French, Jr. (piano)
Allen Williams (bass)
Pee Wee Adams (drums)



Album later released as "Under Your Spell Again"
Recorded at Capitol Studios, Hollywood, California between October 9, 1958 and December 3, 1960
All songs written/co-written by Buck Owens except "Above And Beyond" by Harlan Howard.

stephenhargrove productions
DennisThis is one of the first albums I ever bought. Every song is great. My personal favorites on this album are Second Fiddle, My Everlasting Love and Walk The Floor. The country music DJ in Berkeley Springs,WV played Walk The Floor every morning before I headed to school. This was in the very early 60's and it became one of my alltime Buck favorites because of the memories it brings.