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record detail: America's Most Wanted Band

Record Title: America's Most Wanted Band
Release Date: 1967
Catalog Number: ST2722
Producer: Ken Nelson, Buck Owens
Studio/Live: Studio
Mono/Stereo: Stereo

Out of Print

track listing

  1. Happy-Go-Lucky Guitar
  2. To Take Alot of You For Me
  3. Neosho Waltz
  4. You'll Never Miss The Water
  5. Way That I Love You
  6. Round Hole Guitar
  7. Happy Son Of A Gun
  8. Steel Guitar Polka
  9. Something To Remember You By
  10. Seven Come Eleven
  11. Out Of My Mind
  12. Tumwater Breakdown



Doyle Holly
Don Rich
Tom Brumley
Willie Cantu



All songs instrumental
Musician listing is my best guess, if you know better, let me know - Steve

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