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record detail: Before You Go/No One But You

Record Title: Before You Go/No One But You
Release Date: 1995 Remaster
Catalog Number: SC_6048
Producer: Bill Inglot, Ken Perry
Studio/Live: Studio
Mono/Stereo: Stereo

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track listing



Before You Go~01
Gonna Have Love~02
Getting Used To Loving You~03
Steel Guitar Rag~04
No Fool Like An Old Fool~05
I Betcha Didn't Know~06
(I Want) No One But You~07
If You Want A Love~08
Number One Heel~09
Raz Ma-Taz Polka~10
There's Gonna Come A Day~11
Charlie Brown~12
Love's Gonna Live Here +~13
Before You Go +~14



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