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record detail: Dust On Mother's Bible

Record Title: Dust On Mother's Bible
Release Date: 1966-05-02
Catalog Number: ST2497
Producer: Ken Nelson
Studio/Live: Studio
Mono/Stereo: Unknown

Out of Print

track listing

  1. Pray Every Day
  2. When Jesus Calls All His Children In
  3. I'll Go To Church Again With Momma
  4. Bring It To Jesus
  5. Jesus Saved Me
  6. Would You Be Ready
  7. Dust On Mother's Bible
  8. Satan's Gotta Get Along Without Me
  9. Where Would I Be Without Jesus
  10. Eternal Vacation
  11. It Was With Love
  12. All The Way With Jesus





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stephenhargrove productions
Leon WaldridgeMy granmother had this album it is great. I listened to it nonstop from the age of 8 til about the age of 10 when it finally wore out.I've never been able to find another copy but,i'll keep searching and maybe one will turn up one day